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Interview Tips

Once you have registered, follow these tips to help you prepare for your interview. We can provide assistance to ensure that your CV and covering letter is up to scratch – helping to get you employment wherever you search. (link to CV stuff here).

Interview preparation – find out as much information as possible about the company beforehand. Take a look at their website, make sure you have a copy of the CV the Company has been sent. Some popular questions an employer will want to hear are why the position became available, what opportunities there are for progression, and when can you expect to hear whether you have been successful. Questions you should not ask are what the job will entail, the subject of sick pay or tea/coffee breaks.

Your appearance. First impressions are important. We will always advise you on the dress code, if you are taking any documentation with you, do not use a carrier bag, use an adequate case or folder.

Arrive on time – you should never be late or too early! Employers appreciate someone arriving slightly early, but not more than 15 minutes, on the other hand you should never be late. Research how to get there and how long your journey should take.

Everyone is nervous at an interview – remember to smile, make eye contact, be positive and enthusiastic, and give a firm handshake. We will contact you after your interview and expect an honest account of how you felt the interview went.

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